About Stoneham Drilling

Stoneham Drilling Corporation is part of the Western Energy Services Corp family providing contract drilling services within the United States.

Building a Legacy of Drilling Innovation

Stoneham Drilling Corporation’s fleet currently consists of seven technically advanced Efficient Long Reach (“ELR”) drilling rigs, including  2 x 1200 HP mechanical triples and 3 x 1500 HP AC triples.

Stoneham has designed safe, efficient and highly versatile rigs. These drilling rigs can include features such as walking systems, 7500 psi circulating system, AC power, top drive, automated pipe handling, automated catwalk, floor robot, hydraulic substructure leveling, hydraulic BOP handling and Range III tubulars.

Our Vision

To be an industry leader in serving our customers while supporting the development of American energy.

Our Mission

To provide safe, efficient and high-value contract drilling services.

Our Values

Committed to the safety of our operations, our people and our customers.

Meet the Stoneham Drilling Team

Mr. Pepper joined Stoneham as Vice President of Operations and Business Development in 2015. Having 40+ years’ experience in the drilling services sector, Jack has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Stoneham team. Throughout his career, Mr. Pepper has held various management roles including Drilling and Operations Manager with Cheyene Drilling and Vice President of Operations with Trinidad Drilling.
Mr. Hass joined Stoneham Drilling as a Rig Manager in 2013 and promoted to Field Superintendent in 2014. Being born and raised in the Williston Basin, he has worked on drilling rigs in the Bakken for more than 20 years. Prior to joining Stoneham, Ryan held various field positions with Ensign Drilling.
Having joined Stoneham as a Rig Manager in 2017, Mr. Lunsford currently holds the position of Field Superintendent. Prior to joining Stoneham Lou has held various operations roles including Senior Superintendent with both Cheyenne Drilling and Trinidad Drilling.

Mr. Geiser has over 15 years of business development experience including a strong background in the
sales and marketing of drilling equipment.

Mr. Cerventes joined Stoneham in 2019, bringing a unique combination of operational and technical
sales experience to the team. Prior to joining Stoneham, Carlos worked primarily in the Permian basin
with Ensign and Precision Drilling.

Mr. Davis started his oilfield career as a Floorhand with Patterson Drilling before moving into an HSE career in 2006 with Cheyenne Drilling / Trinidad Drilling, where Brian became an HSE Manager. Brian joined Stoneham Drilling in 2016 bringing extensive experience in the drilling industry and a passion for Health and Safety.

Mrs. Murten joined Stoneham Drilling in 2017 and was quickly promoted to Executive Assistant and
Personnel Coordinator in 2018. She brought with her an extensive background in her field with 24 years
of experience holding Executive Assistant, Office Manager and Account Coordinator positions.

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